Armandee Drew 
5 Ways Back to You

Embrace Your Essence
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10 sessions with powerful 
content and coaching

Session 1: How our identity is formed

Session 2: The layers we create for safety, esteem, and power

Session 3: What derails us and distracts us from our essence--and what to do about it

Session 4: Knowing yourself and how to create a rhythme of self-care for YOU

Session 5: Balancing belonging and change in relationships

Session 6: Exploring the impact your values, personal Voice, and decision-making process affects you and others

Session 7: Learning tendencies around time management and how they impact our lives

Session 8: Building an action plan and strategy to better know and love ourselves into our most authentic and powerfully free lives.

Sessions 9 & 10: Unveiling Your Superpower

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